Good Contrivance Farm is a 501 C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the preservation and restoration of small, historic farms in Maryland.


Located in historic Reisterstown, Maryland, the farm serves as a model of historic preservation and sustainable nurture.


“Contrivance” means ingenuity or invention–something planned and created to improve one’s chances of success. “Good Contrivance” is the farm’s original name, suggesting that the owners were inventive and successful in their farming efforts.


A bit about us: In 2015, Jill Eicher and Ron Tanner bought this historic farm in Reisterstown, Maryland, just 24 miles north of Baltimore. Five generations of a single family had owned the farm since its founding in 1860. The current array of buildings date from about 1900. The farmhouse is older: a Victorian. Ron and ┬áJill are in the process of restoring it to its original Victorian splendor — it hasn’t been altered since 1959. For more, visit the “About Us” tab below.

I am very sorry to announce that my beloved Jill is terminal with cancer. The doctors are working to extend her life expectancy beyond the one-year worst-case prognosis. If you would like to help, please visit Jill’s GoFundMe page here: Help Jill Live a Little Longer