Our Cancerland

We Have No Air Conditioning

A Triple Dose of Ritalin

I Want My Monkey!

She Wakes Up Laughing

Our Deadline

Not For the Faint of Hear: My Fourth Kidney Stone Surgery

A Group of Cats is Called a Clutter

Taking the Turn

Counting Numbers

At The Hoarder’s Auction

Jill’s Spring

How To Say, “I’m Not Okay!

Winter Update: Don’t Dream It’s Over!

Jill’s Travel Trailer On the Road!

Autumn Update: Selling the Camper Van

Late Summer Update from the Farm: Holding Steady With Ice Cream and Cats

When Cancer Comes Home: Jill’s Radiation, Sofi Her Cat, and a Bit of Good News

When Cancer Comes Home to Stay: Jill’s First Few Weeks

Goodbye to My Mom

A Spring Update and My Trip to the ER

Living America’s Farm Fantasy

Have a Very Basset Christmas

An IRS Holiday Story

Our Fifth Fall on the Farm

Our Big Barn Sale

Our Barn Is Ready!

Rescued from the Chinese Meat Trade

Our Farmhouse Restoration

Off the Grid Living?

Goodbye to Our Beloved Sadie

Counting My Bee Stings

17 Stitches for a Hedgerow

The Deer Have Found Us

Tax Day Panic at the Farm

A Snow Day on the Farm

Stalactites of Sewage and Other Winter Travails

Summer Update: the Kitchen Garden

Spring on the Farm: Flowers and Snakes

I Worry About the Ladybugs

One Year on the Farm

My bout With Kidney Stones
Looking for Sheep
Our Honey Bees Have Arrived!
Did the Three-Legged Fox Eat Our Cat?
New Years At the Farm
The Three Legged Fox and Winter’s End
Digging Out Our Farm After Winter Storm Jonas
A Bad Week at the Farm
Our Third Week on the Farm: Stalled and Wet
Our Second Week on the Farm: Digging Out
A Scream in the Night
Our First Week on the Farm
Our Massive Move Out of 2746 Saint Paul

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