Mauricio Kilwein Guevara’s Workshop & Craft Talk


A Flight of Microbrews:
Writing Flash Fiction,
Prose Poems, & Very Brief Essays

This workshop is an opportunity for us to learn more about writing literary prose on a miniaturist scale, anywhere from a few sentences to a few pages. Extremely short literary forms go back to antiquity. In recent decades in the United States and around the world, there has been widespread interest in reading and writing very short prose works across all three literary genres (fiction, poetry, and nonfiction). Anthologies such as Hint Fiction, Flash Fiction International, Short Takes: Brief Encounters with Contemporary Nonfiction, and The Penguin Book of the Prose Poem have all been extremely popular. There are also a number of journals that now focus specifically on publishing these very short prose works.

In our workshop, I’ll share several different examples of literary microbrews, and I’ll have exercises so you can try your hand at writing in these super short forms. We’ll have opportunities to share our exercise drafts with one another, if you choose to do so. Each participant will also receive a one-page list of titles to explore, at their leisure, after the retreat. My goal, as the workshop leader, is to create an informative, supportive, and enjoyable community for us to learn, create, and toast the fruits of our labor.

Saturday, July 20, 2024:
10:00 AM-4:00 PM

$200. Limited seating!
(Includes lunch)
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Craft Talk:

Where Should I Go Next?
Nine Tips for Finding New Writing Paths

So, you’ve recently finished a writing project, and you’re ready to start something new. But what will it be? How will it start? Where do you want to go in this new endeavor? I can’t help but hear the Spanish poet Antonio Machado whispering in the back of my mind, “Wanderer, there is no path. We make the path by going.” That’s a helpful reminder that a book or a life, like any journey, is accomplished one word, one step, one day at a time.

In my craft talk I want to share nine ideas for you to consider whenever you’re ready to embark on a new writing project. Be prepared for a little humor, and one or two very brief tales of trial and error. My goal is to spark productive ways for you to learn from the past but, also, to do things differently in the future. I’d like to share some specific suggestions for disrupting old habits with the aim of finding the next story you want to tell.

Saturday, July 27, 2024: 5:00 PM
No charge! Limited seating!
Please register! (So that we can make enough food!)

Mauricio’s talk will be followed by a reception and buffet dinner

Mauricio Kilwein Guevara

Mauricio Kilwein Guevara writes in multiple genres: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama. He was born in Boyacá, Colombia and raised (mostly) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the first person of Latino heritage elected as President of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP).

He has been awarded two Fulbright awards to research his family’s ancestral roots in Ecuador and Colombia. He is the author of a collection of prose poems and flash fictions entitled Autobiography of So-and-So, three collections of poetry, and a book of translations published in Madrid, Spain. He has won regional, national, and international awards for his writing, including the Contemporary Poetry Series Competition (Postmortem, U of Georgia Press) and an International Latino Book Award. His comic play, The Last Bridge, received a fully staged reading Off-Broadway.

He is Professor Emeritus of English and former Director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has a particularly fond memory of attending kindergarten at Leith Walk Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland, where he and his classmates once made butter in baby food jars and enjoyed the fruits of their labor spread carefully over Saltine crackers