Things to Know if You Visit



Open House:
On the second Saturday of every month between April and October, we hold an Open House. On these days, there will be at least one event, such as a workshop, a reading, or music. Visitors on these days are allowed to wander the farm, pet the animals, picnic, and so on, and also to purchase items from our Farm Store. Open House hours are 10:00 to 4:00, unless otherwise posted. Please see the Calendar for more information on specific Open House events.


Clothing and General Conditions:
Please use common sense when visiting Good Contrivance Farm. Do not wear high heels as the terrain is filled with rocks, roots, potholes, animal burrows, and is simply too treacherous for anything but sensible walking shoes.


The farm can be muddy and dirty. Also there are poison ivy and thorny plants on the property that may tear or snag fine clothing. Please dress appropriately.


Farm Store
The farm operates a small store, located on the barn’s lower level. It is open only during our monthly Open House. It offers baked goods and beverages, as well as seasonal produce, eggs, flowers, herbs, and honey. Also available will be other farm products, usually including yarn and candles, as well as assorted antiques, collectibles, and interesting items.


Our store accepts all forms of payment: cash, check, and credit cards.


Smokers take note
Most of the farm is a smoke-free zone. No smoking in or near the buildings — there are many fire hazards.


There is one public restroom on the property, located in the Barn Annex, the small building adjacent to the large barn (see map).


No Pets Allowed.
Please do not bring your pets to the farm. We have plenty of our own and they are very territorial towards other animals.


Unfortunately, at this time GCF is not wheelchair accessible. Persons with limited mobility may be accommodated on some areas of the farm. Please contact us with any further questions about accessibility.


There is a lot of wildlife on the farm, including many songbirds, deer, groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits, but also some animals that many people don’t like, including mice, rat snakes, foxes, bats, and various birds of prey, including hawks, owls, and eagles.


Farm Animals:
Domestic animals on the farm (except the bees, see below) are all more or less tame, but any animal may bite if frightened or provoked, so please exercise caution when petting animals, and make sure that children are supervised around the animals at all times. Please do not enter the pastures or buildings where animals are housed without our accompaniment.


We keep 2 hives for honeybees on the property. For your own safety, and out of respect for the bees, please keep a distance of 20 feet or more from the hives at all times.


Farm Buildings, Farmhouse, and Farm Machinery:
The only buildings open to the public are the Large Barn (excepting the barn apartment) and the Barn Annex, which contains a public restroom. If other buildings are open, we will make this clear. Please do not touch any farm machinery (which can be dangerous) and do not enter the farmhouse, or any closed sheds or buildings without our accompaniment.  Tours of the buildings and/or farmhouse may be arranged in advance.


Vegetables, Fruit, and Flowers:
Please also do not enter the kitchen garden (vegetable garden) without our accompaniment. Please do not remove or pick any flowers, fruit, vegetables, or eggs. Seasonal produce, eggs, and flowers from the farm are available for purchase from our farm store.


Surrounding Land:
Please note that our property is six acres enclosed by a fence. Although you may enjoy the views of the surrounding farmland, please do not enter it by going outside our fence, as the surrounding farmland is private property, owned by someone else.


Parking and Driving on the Farm:
There are two parking areas: a 7-space lot adjacent to the house, which is reserved for the owners, farm workers, and handicapped visitors. All others must use the visitor parking lot at the back of the property (see map).


Between the 2 lots, the farm can accommodate about 75 vehicles. Therefore, when possible, you should carpool if coming to the farm with friends or groups.


There can be no parking in the farm lane, which runs the length of the property from front to back. Also there is no overflow parking available, nor parking on Emory Road.


Please obey the traffic signs and drive slowly — we have barn cats and perhaps stray chickens and who knows what else wandering around.

Thank you.
Ron and Jill

 If you have questions, email us at info(at)

Or go to our contact page


We are easy to find: 2015 Emory Road, Reisterstown, MD.

From Baltimore beltway 695, go to 795 towards Westminster; take the Westminster exit, onto 140. Go to highway 91/Emory Road. Take a right. Good Contrivance farm is two miles down on Emory Road.


Once here, drive to the back of the property to park. Look for the parking sign.