Craft Talk Registration

    Please give yourself enough time to travel to the farm. Directions are here. Address: 2015 Emory Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136

    There's some parking up front near the buildings. If you are able-bodied, please park in the field. If it's raining and the field is too wet for parking, we'll notify you of an alternate place to put your vehicle. See MAP for parking details

    Farm Rules:
    1) Please, no pets.
    2) You are free to walk the farm grounds but be aware: as this is a farm, our guests understand that care must be taken while walking anywhere on the property, as there are holes, rocks, uneven floors and pavements, thorns, downed branches and trees, poison ivy & other irritating plants, as well as wild animals, including snakes, insects, and various birds and mammals. Sensible shoes and comfortable clothing are a must. High heels and bare feet are prohibited while on the grounds.
    3) Please do not enter any farm building (other than the barn and the Schoolhouse)
    4) As a guest, you agree to hold the owners free and harmless from any and all liability for claims for damages, or other claims for personal injury while at the farm.

    I have read and I do accept the terms of attending a craft talk at Good Contrivance Farm

    We'll provide a sumptuous buffet reception after the talk!
    Please consider a donation to help us offset the cost of food and other expenses: Use your credit card or PayPal account here>>>

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