The Hen House Cottage at Good Contrivance Farm Writer’s Retreat


The Hen House Cottage is a super-custom, tiny house–designed for maximum comfort and creative inspiration. It’s constructed mostly of reclaimed material to create a cozy, rustic vibe. Its shelves are crowded with books, its walls are decorated with an eclectic collection of art, and its many windows offer great sunlight throughout the day. Here are some reviews:

  • A cozy and well-furnished tiny home. I loved the shelves full of books, the artwork, and the rustic decorations in the kitchen. It was also great to be able to walk about the grounds, sit on various well-placed benches, and enjoy their gardening skills. I especially appreciated the suggestions they gave for nearby hiking areas. On my final day, the sound of rain on the metal roof completed the cozy effect!
  • This is very much a sanctuary from the world, yet so close to so much! The space is comfortable and so thoughtfully designed and beautiful. It is a real treasure, I can’t recommend it highly enough!
  • A great little place. Best if you’re looking for some solitude and focus. They’ve created a comfortable little house, lovely grounds to walk around, two friendly basset hounds and a cat to greet you. The kitchen is very functional. The location is good — there is a great golf course across the street to stretch your legs and their farm has nice grounds to walk as well. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a place to get some work done, or focus on a project.
  • This cottage is just perfect! I had the most soul-nourishing weekend away in the quiet, peaceful surroundings of this farm. Everything you would need and then some is available in the tiny house. I particularly enjoyed the large library and window seats, the art covering the walls, and the tiny restoration details everywhere throughout the unit. The surround sound bluetooth speakers were also a perfect touch. I spent hours outside enjoying the grounds and was greeted a few times by the friendly barn cat Scrapper and the two basset hounds. I plan to return soon. 100% recommend!
  • It kind of blew my mind how much care and attention went into restoring this converted henhouse cottage. It’s super beautiful and comfortable — the perfect amount of space, not cramped at all. I stayed here when it was 95+ degrees out and was relieved that there was air conditioning BUT I didn’t even have to use it that much because the cottage retained cool air very well. Another unexpected plus was the stereo sound system, and the extensive book collection. Would recommend checking out the serpentine barrens nearby (soldier’s delight natural preserve!!)

The Cottage has a fully equipped, surprisingly large kitchen; a full bathroom; and a separate sleeping area with a queen-sized bed. It also has fast, dedicated Wi-Fi and a blue tooth sound system.




Good Contrivance is an historic farm in Maryland’s “horse country,” a verdant land of hills and dales. Now a 501 C-3 educational non-profit, the farm is a showcase of rustic preservation and the home of a popular Writer’s Retreat. Check out some of the sights found in this beautiful location: