Before you visit us at the Good Contrivance,
please read these frequently asked questions:

1)  How do I get to Good Contrivance Farm?

GPS: 2015 Emory Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136

NOTE: Your GPS may attempt to take you on a short-cut, down a narrow back road. Don’t do it. Follow the main roads: 795 to 140 to 91 (Emory Rd.).     See map for more.

The farm is approximately 45 minutes from Baltimore’s Penn Station and 35 minutes from the Baltimore/Washington airport.
It’s easily accessible by Uber, Lyft, etc.

Note, however, that the Baltimore beltway (695), like Washington’s beltway (495), is a nightmare during rush hour.


2. Parking? Once you enter the farm, you will see the farmhouse to your left and the kitchen garden to your right. The drive opens up to a large parking area, with the outbuildings arrayed to your right.

Park in front of the stone walkway (head in). Please remember that others will park here too, so snug as close as you can to other vehicles. If you’re the first to arrive, park at either to start the line-up.

If this area gets filled, you’ll find additional parking in the field to your right: follow the parking signs.

3. Buildings?
We have over ten outbuildings. For reasons of safety, you are not allowed to enter them without permission.

4. Walking?
You are free to walk the grounds (contained by the wire fence you see on all sides).

5.Can I bring my pet?
Absolutely no pets are allowed for any reason.

6. The Schoolhouse?
We hold workshops in the Schoolhouse. The building is labeled. It has a dedicated bathroom, a kitchenette, state-of-the-art heating and cooling, and various amenities, such as complimentary coffee, tea, and water.

7. The Big Barn? If you’re here for a craft talk, you’ll be in the big barn (walk through the orange door).

8. Outside bathrooms?
We have two publc bathrooms adjacent to the big barn (look for the signs). Note: these are open from April 1-Nov. 1. Please do not use them from Now.-April: they are winterized at this time and will not flush.

9. Problem?
If you are having any problem, call Ron Tanner, the Retreat’s Director: four-four-three 529-2939